Acid Proofing

Acid Proofing

Protect your surfaces from damage and corrosion with affordable acid proofing from JSS.

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Acid Proofing

JSS acid proofing is designed to protect floors and equipment in industrial settings against the harshest of acids, solvents and alkalis. We use the latest acid proofing methods and equipment available to ensure the best possible surface protection and corrosion resistance. All our solutions are quickly and easily applied to reduce downtime, and are highly durable in all conditions. Clients around South Africa rely on JSS acid proofing services, thanks to our:

  • Highly competent and skilled team of installers and technicians
  • Excellent customer service and guidance, assisting clients to select the right solution for their needs and providing excellent support both during and after sales
  • Cost-efficiency: JSS believes in providing value for money solutions that offer superior quality at an affordable price.

What is Acid Proofing?

Acid proofing is applied in a wide range of industries where floors, equipment and even walls and ceilings may come into contact with strong chemicals and other substances that could compromise their integrity. Acid proofing protects these surfaces from damage and the resultant repairs, which are often very costly. Various types of acid proofing services and solutions are available, including:

Fixing materials to supplement acid-resistant ceramics and create an entire acid proof lining system. These materials include adhesives, membranes, grouts and mortars and movement joints

Advantages of Acid Proofing

The most obvious advantage of acid proofing is the mid to long-term cost saving: A single application of an acid proof solution will save you the cost of ongoing repairs to floors and equipment that succumb to the harsh effects of chemicals, acids and alkalis. Acid proof solutions can also be visually attractive, abrasion resistant and incredibly durable due to their additional thickness.