Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection
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Corrosion protection services such as on site grit blasting, industrial coating and lining (Stoncor, Sigma, International, Jotun, Hempel, Belzona and Denso) of structural steel buildings, pipe lines, vessels, storage tanks, boilers, clarifiers and related industrial equipment, including tape wrapping of buried in situ  pipelines.

A corrosion protection method is a procedure used to reduce corrosion such as the application of anti-corrosion coating, cathodic protection or other methods that make metal deviant to corrosion. Metal corrosion in almost all situations can be slowed down, managed or even put to a stop applying the right systems. These preventive systems are available in many types, and are deployed depending on the instances involved in a corroding metal.

Corrosion protection techniques are also known as corrosion control.

Preventing the corrosion of steel pipes is a major concern for companies in the oil, gas, water, petrochemical and other associated industries. Inefficiently  protected pipelines can result in inadequate flow performance, environmental pollution, extensive safety risks and extensive maintenance costs, all of which lead to unnecessary financial losses.

The harmful effects of corrosion

There are a number of harmful effects that are related to corrosion and which can even be avoided if the correct form of corrosion control is used. The harmful effects include:

  • A breakdown in the structure due to the thickness of the metal being reduced. This weakens the structure and results in the structure becoming a safety hazard.
  • Loss of working time when important metal machinery is damaged by corrosion.
  • Contamination of liquids in pipes and stored in containers when the corroded metals fall into the liquid.
  • Possibility of leaking liquids when metal structures containing liquids has corroded.
  • Human injury and possibly the loss of human life.

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