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JSS Industrial Coatings is approved suppliers and applicators for various types (Pyrocrete, Pyroliter, Intumastic, Pyrocote & Acrilast) of Fireproofing products. Intumastic285 za is developed to halt fire propagation in grouped electrical cables. Intumastic285 za meets code and insurance requirements for interior and exterior use, meets all OHSA and EPA regulations.

A water based mastic that can be applied to electrical cables to retard fire propagation. Once applied, it meets code and insurance requirements for interior and exterior use. It provides a hard and flexible surface that will not dust, flake, or spall.Fire resisting compartments are created to contain fire and smoke from spreading within building structures. However, the principle of compartmentation can also present a parallel threat as most concealed cavities between fire resisting walls and floors are interlinked.

The importance of sealing gaps in this type of construction is therefore vital to ensure the compartmentation systems work to their maximum ability to save life and property. Such gaps are typically at service penetrations through walls and floors but would also include gaps left for structural movement and gaps left due to poor workmanship.

  • Extremely flexible
  • Hard, dust free surface
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Water-based product, low odour
  • Asbestos-Free–complies with EPA and OSHA regulations
  • Factory Mutual tested and approved
  • Does not de-rate cables
  • Approved for interior and exterior use
  • Provides protection at 1/16” (1.6 mm) dry film
  • thickness