Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing

JSS are joint seal experts that offer a wide range of industrial and construction services

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The UCP Expansion Joint System

The UCP expansion joint system is a carefully developed economic and efficient method of sealing deck movement joints. It does not require deck drilling as the UCP joints are surface mounted and they use a specially formulated polyureide resin.  This system is best for applications where water tightness, low noise and smooth riding characteristics are of utmost importance. The UCP expansion joints are currently available in two sizes within the range UCP 50 and 70, which means they are capable of accommodating horizontal movements of 50 mm and 70 mm respectively. They use a tried and tested design technology that has been successfully used in the Highways Agency’s approved BEJ range of expansion joints which are extensively used throughout motorway and truck road networks in Britain with an unrivalled track record of 30 years.

Joint Sealing Services

JSS Industrial Coating’s range of services includes joint sealing, an essential component of industrial construction. Manufactured to perform under the most demanding conditions, our joint sealant products can withstand many years of environmental and chemical impact, in virtually any setting. Our extensive knowledge, hands-on experience and superior product range make JSS one of the top joint sealing companies in South Africa. Our customers are assured of:

  • Highest quality products for every requirement, no matter how small or large
  • Durable and long-lasting seals
  • Cost effective solutions

What Are Joint Sealants

The purpose of joint sealants is to create a waterproof, air-tight seal between the openings or joints of two (or more) surfaces. Different joint sealants are used in different environments, depending on the type of seal that is required, as well as the specific application for which it will be used. Most commonly, joint sealant products include:

Facade joint sealants: Used between external walls and cladding, on roofs and balconies, between precast elements and retaining walls, around doors and windows, and for sealing construction and expansion joints.

Interior finishing: Joint sealants for internal applications, such as indoor joints, cracks and gaps, and also for glazing, weatherproofing and fire resistance.

We use Acrylic, Polyurethane, Polysulphide and Silicone based Sealants. Depending on the application, the most suitable sealant is chosen for  the job.

Benefits of JSS joint sealing solutions

Thanks to many years of industry experience, combined with the expertise of a highly qualified team, JSS offers a superior joint sealing service to its clients. We’re able to identify the exact type of seal required and to apply it quickly and efficiently, limiting downtime and ensuring that structures are sealed, secured and protected in the shortest amount of time possible