JSS Industrial Coatings Vac-Blasting Services

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Clean and interruption-free for work colleagues and surrounding area. Does not require screening or special protective equipment

Vacuum blasting can be used both outdoors and in enclosed spaces where regular blasting is not permitted.

• No need for special blasting rooms.

• Dust free blasting makes it possible to blast without people around you getting exposed to airborne dust and blasting abrasive.

Vac-Blasting – an electrically powered compact machine suitable for the preparation of concrete floors but equally effective on steel services. Continuous reverse air jet filtration cleaning eliminating the mess normally associated with hand blasting and leaves the ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied. We have the latest in high tech machinery which is dust free.

Contact us today to find out if this is the solution for your industrial space and discuss pricing and other logistical details. Our team is always at hand, ready to help you with whatever industrial flooring and maintenance needs you may have.