Waterproofing your roof is important

Waterproofing your roof is important
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Can Waterproofing your home or building be a DIY job?

Of course there is all sorts of DIY products for Waterproofing in retail stores but at the end of the day people misunderstand how technical and complicated it is to Waterproof and solve the problem completely without fail.

Things that needs to be taken in consideration before doing Waterproofing:-

  • Can you and are you qualified to detect where the leak comes from?
  • There is many different types of Waterproofing available like Torch-On, Cementitious Waterproofing System and Acrylic Waterproofing and Membrane Systems. Would you have the knowledge of which system would suit your problem the best and resolving the problem permanently?

In my opinion to try it yourself will incur extra additional costs and will definitely fail. Will you visit a General Practitioner without a qualification to treat you? Your house or building is one of your greatest assets.

Leave the waterproofing to the specialists like JSS Industrial Coatings. We will detect the leak, and recommend the correct product to resolve your problem permanently and we offer a 10 year Guarantee subject to maintenance being carried out every 18 months. Why the maintenance you ask? Your roof is exposed to the sun for approximately 8+ hours, off course the Sun will damage the Waterproofing at some stage so it needs to be maintained to eliminate any further roof leaks.

Don’t ignore a small leak because this will become a much bigger and costly problem. Roof leaks no matter how small needs to be fixed immediately. Small leaks can lead to mould, rotten framing and sheeting and damage to insulation and ceilings. If dealt with immediately the damage and subsequent repairs could be minimal. It is more economical to outlay the money before the damage is caused.

How do I choose a contractor?

  • Always go for a contractor that gives a guarantee
  • Make sure the contractor has been in the business long enough to honor their guarantee. Some contractors look very attractive but will they still be in business within 2-3 or even more years?
  • If the quotation is ridiculously cheap, the contractor will most probably lipstick the job and you will sit with the same problem sometime down the line. If it seems to good to be true…it normally is!
  • Never trust a contractor that is not willing to get onto your roof to inspect and detect where the actual leak is coming from. It is not always possible to detect the leak without getting onto the roof.

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, it has got huge financial repercussions!

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